Red River County, Judge L.D. Williamson seek aid for winter storm damage

Since Winter Storm Uri hit Texas, much damage has been done to the state’s road and electrical infrastructure and homes that weren’t fully equipped for semi-arctic temperatures.

Red River County was hit especially hard, according to County Judge L.D. Williamson, and the county is seeking relief from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“We had over 1,000 houses that had broken water pipes,” Williamson said.

The damage also went to pipes in the walls, which flooded many homes in the county. So many were affected, the county is seeking help, which FEMA is willing to give, but there’s one problem.

“You need to have a photo of the damage before you can submit,” Williamson said.

When the federal disaster was declared, the 77 counties jumped on board seeking relief, and now that count is up to 200, but Red River County is not on that list, the judge said, because a lot of people had their pipes fixed without taking pictures.

Williamson added he has been trying to get FEMA to simply accept the bills from the repairs, but it’s been hard to get the federal agency to agree. Right now, it is considering it, he said.

“A lot of people here need the help,” Williamson said.

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