Peace & Power Rally planned for Saturday afternoon

A Peace & Power Rally is scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday at Leon Williams Park (The Branches Park). The rally is to help the Black community of Paris to organize and strategize for the future and to educate on city policies, practices and contacts.

“We are doing this to organize and create strategies to get justice,” organizer Westley Martin said in a Facebook post. “Though we want to do other things to express our anger, we believe this is one of our best options.”

Attendees are encouraged to wear black.

“I pray for understanding for every Black person and white person that has negative to say about this rally. We won’t be screaming at people, it won’t be violence, and I won’t be talking. It’s going to be actual speakers, actual content to discuss, and an opportunity for (the community) to speak as well,” Martin said of the rally.

“I ain’t perfect, and I’m sure people will try to discredit me for reasons that have nothing to do with this agenda. All I ask is we put our pride aside for one day and come together. If not, just don’t come.”

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