Paris ISD to end remote learning for students who ‘fail to meet basic academic standards’

Paris ISD administrators have made the decision to end remote instruction by the end of the current grading period, Oct. 30, for students who “fail to meet basic academic standards.”

In a press release, the district said while online instruction has worked for some, many students have disengaged from it, taking away from their education and leaving a burden on teachers.

If a student with grades that put them at risk of losing their virtual learning privilege demonstrates a medical need to continue learning from home, Paris ISD will consider requests to maintain virtual learning as necessary.

The Texas Education Agency permitted, but did not require, schools to offer online learning options due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Paris ISD students who may no longer be eligible to work from home but still wish to learn remotely may opt to transfer to a different district or begin homeschooling.

“This decision is made with the best interests of our students, teachers, and school community in mind,” the release stated.

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