Destination Imagination challenges Everett’s Gifted and Talented team

Third grade Gifted and Talented students at Everett Elementary have been preparing for a virtual competition through the Destination Imagination program. The students’ were given an Instant Challenge to solve as a team. The team was to gather materials, create and build a product then record it in three minutes.

“All of the creating, preparing and recording must be done by the students alone,” GT teacher Lara Fendley said.

Their challenges include creating and acting out a video game using specific required elements, researching detectives and forensic techniques and solving a mystery. Working as a team, they created the props. Everett’s DI team is competing against 80 other teams in the region. Videos have been submitted and results of the competition were scheduled for Feb. 19.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our GT program that we hope to continue and expand to other GT grade levels,” Fendley said.

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