Covid-19 active cases falling in Lamar County, county still leads region in cases and deaths

Active Covid-19 cases in Lamar County have trended downward for days after two weeks of rising to Aug. 25’s high of 226 cases, according to data from the Paris-Lamar County Health District.

The number of active cases on Monday fell to 180 as the total number of diagnoses since testing began in March rose to 917. There were an additional 19 cases reported between Sunday and Monday, including seven males ages 13 to 78 and 12 females ages 4 to 81. The district has reported a total of 24 Covid-19 related deaths in the county.

About Covid-19 deaths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday reported that 6% — about 9,857 — of the nation’s then 164,280 deaths related to the virus involved otherwise healthy people with no known comorbidities, such as obesity, kidney disease or respiratory diseases. The CDC’s report supports the medical community’s position that Covid-19 may have a greater impact on people with underlying health conditions.

By Monday, the CDC’s death total had risen to 168,864, about 15,000 fewer than reported by Johns Hopkins University of Medicine’s Coronavirus Resource Center. John Hopkins says its preliminary data on total cases and deaths includes cases confirmed and, when reported, probable. The CDC says its provisional data may be behind because of the lag time between when deaths occur and when death certificates are completed, submitted to the National Center for Health Statistics and processed for reporting.

“This delay can range from one week to eight weeks or more, depending on the jurisdiction and cause of death,” the CDC warns.

Paris-Lamar County Health District officials have said the district is reporting only confirmed cases and deaths, and that data shows Lamar County is leading the region in both. Fannin County has the second highest total case count at 585, of which more than 180 cases were reported last week by the state prison system, and it has the third highest number of deaths at 12, according to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. The state health department also says it is not including probable cases in its data.

Red River County has the second highest number of deaths at 14 and the fourth highest total case count at 145, the state health department’s data shows, while there have been just 17 total cases and no deaths in Delta County. Choctaw County in Oklahoma has had 245 confirmed cases and one death, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reports.

Statewide, there have been 612,969 confirmed cases and 12,536 fatalities with 507,499 estimated recoveries, according to state data. The state health department estimates there were 92,934 active cases in Texas this morning.

The vast majority of Covid-19 cases recover, although the virus is known to cause long-term effects even after a patient no longer tests positive for it. Ongoing problems include fatigue, brain fog, achy joints and damage to heart, lungs, kidneys and brain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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