BUY, BUILD, SELL: Texas Furniture and Appliance offers home updates for the holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, Jimmy Tuggle at Texas Furniture and Appliance said, for many, now may be time to update appliances for a busy winter kitchen as Texans entertain friends and family.

“We have a full line of ranges, gas, electric, manual clean, self clean, smooth top, cool top. Basically whatever you want in a stove, we probably could get it,” Tuggle said.

He said Texas Furniture and Appliance is also stocked up on dishwashers, so after the big meal, cleanup will be a breeze.

“Of course we’ve got a full line of dishwashers to make it easy to clean up after everybody goes home,” he said.

Tuggle said one of the top stove brands is Kitchen Aid, which is known for quality, and he’s partial to a Maytag product as they have long lasting warranties. He said it can be helpful for the customer to know what they’d like to see in an appliance, particularly in special features, so that way, they can narrow down the product they’d like to purchase based on what it has to offer. The store carries stoves with a fifth burner or a griddle for some holiday pancakes and customers have a wide array of choices for both gas and electric.

“You just kind of start (doing) your homework going and looking and trying to figure out what features you like, what features you don’t like, and then just try to piece a package together because there’s so many different options on appliances,” Tuggle said. “(With) furniture, you can only build a sofa so many ways. Most people kind of know what they’re looking for in a sofa, because it’s a color thing more likely than anything. But with electronics and appliances, there’s tons of features that people have to work through as to whether they want to spend the money for it, or whether they don’t.”

Tuggle said staff at Texas Furniture and Appliance go through in-store training and training with brand reps so they can offer a wealth of information to customers, including those who may be first time buyers or aren’t sure where to start.

“Because of that knowledge, we know the features, we know the benefits …” he said. “Basically, if it’s totally new to you, we’re just gonna start from point A, like what color do you want? Do you have a brand preference to one brand over the other? If you’re looking at laundry, how much do you do? How many people are in your family? How many loads of laundry do you do in a week? Things of that nature. If you’re looking at a stove, how often do you cook versus eating out? How much are you going to use it versus using a microwave? (We) just start by asking lots of probing questions … to just get the information so that we could then adequately direct you into whatever we think is gonna fit you best.”

As a small, family owned business, Tuggle said customers will get a different experience than they would at a large corporate store, which can make the shopping process more personalized.

“Obviously, just by shopping small and shopping local you’re helping the small family business versus corporate America,” Tuggle said. “And then because we are so small, you’re going to be able to have customer service and probably somebody that’s even more knowledgeable. You’re gonna have a salesperson here, you’re gonna have a clerk at Walmart.”

Tuggle added that Texas Furniture and Appliance also offers long term warranties and free delivery.

“If you buy a sofa at Walmart and you have a problem with it how do you deal with it? How do you exercise your warranty?” he said. “Here, you’re just going to call us and we’re going to send somebody out to look at it either fix it there or bring it back to fix it.”

In addition to appliances, Texas Furniture and Appliances carries mattresses, furniture and home goods to match any budget, size or style. Tuggle said many basic models of sofas and upholstered furniture come in neutral colors, like gray, but that customers can choose from a wide selection of colors to match their style and the store can help them through the process of getting a personalized product.

They also offer mattresses for the best sleep during the busy holiday season and can set customers up with a financing plan that works for them so they can get the product they want without breaking the bank in one go.

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